Luminess Air

Created in 2007, Luminess Air is an airbrush cosmetics line that gives an appearance of natural, unblemished skin, free of lines and wrinkles. Headquartered in Stafford, Texas, Luminess Air has been featured in popular magazines including Vogue, Better Homes and Gardens, Vanity Fair and People.

Luminess Air makeup is applied by spraying it on the face or body using a stylus. The micro-dots of color glide over the skin in a fine vapor, acting as a concealer while allowing the skin to breathe. The Luminess Air stylus is easy to clean, and the kit is simple to travel with. With Luminess Air, you use 10x less makeup than traditional foundation, and the application can last for 18 hours or longer, even overnight.

Luminess Air offers five types of products in the airbrush starter kit, including a foundation, blush, moisturizer, glow and bronzer. Natural ingredients such as purified water and glycerin are in all the cosmetics.